Superintendent's Message

Brad Winterod

Georgetown Exempted Village School District

Dear Georgetown Families,

What a great day to be a part of the Georgetown Schools!  We have so many successes to celebrate and I want to share them with you and our community!

First, our Ohio State Report Card was awesome.  We were rated a 4-STAR school (out of 5 stars) by the Ohio Department of Education.  We have witnessed tremendous academic growth in our students and that growth is reflected in how our students perform and achieve on the state assessments.  Georgetown was the highest ranked school in Brown County on the state report card!  Go ahead, celebrate!!

This year, we have added a STEM component to the Elementary School.  All students in grades K-6 are receiving STEM education and we hope to expand this program next year to the junior high students.  The students are working on some incredible project-based learning in STEM - ask them about it!

This year, we have also been revamping the gifted education program.  In an effort to ensure that gifted students were being served in the best possible way, a gifted committee was formed to look at past practices and make recommendations about how to improve gifted programming.  Teachers will receive more professional development in the area of gifted education and we hope to grow our program and be the model program in Brown County and the surrounding counties.

And if you were wondering, enrollment at the Georgetown Schools has been holding steady.  Currently, there are 963 students enrolled and attending school at GEVSD.  In the 2003-2004 school year, there were 1,039 students enrolled and attending.  Over the past twenty years, the enrollment has decreased slightly (about a 7% decrease), but so has the overall population of Brown County.  In comparison, other schools in Brown County all have double-digit decreases, ranging from 20 - 50% loss of students.  This clearly indicates that parents in Brown County want their children to attend the Georgetown Schools!

Thanks to everyone who makes our school district a great place to learn and grow!


Mr. Winterod

Please feel free to contact me at 937.378.3730 or at I will be happy to answer any questions about our schools. You can also follow me on Twitter (@MrWinterod)

Thank you,
Brad Winterod