There are many characteristic traits that I value, but gratitude is one of my top three! I truly believe that you always have something to be thankful for and that there can be good found in every person & situation. I also think it’s important to let others know when you are thankful for them. As I’ve stepped into this new role of Athletic Director I cannot be more thankful for the team of people God has surrounded me with to implement the athletics programs! Coaches, who devote themselves to their sport, are passionate about the growth of their players and care deeply for their well being. They know every decision they make will be critiqued, yet they answer the call to serve. The behind-the-scenes people that don’t necessarily carry a title, but see a need and also answer the call to volunteer. Supportive administration and teachers that truly have a student first mindset. And let’s not forget the families that support them in their efforts to make an investment in our community! There’s no greater investment than giving time to a child or young adult to teach, mentor and instill core values and a strong foundation for their future. So to those that step up and contribute to the athletics team in anyway, I sincerely respect, admire and thank you! I pray you are blessed with love and laughter from friends and family and that you never forget you make a difference! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for choosing to be part of the team!