Everyone in a Personalized Instructional Curriculum

E.P.I.C. (Everyone in a Personalized Instructional Curriculum) is a personalized learning program that engages students in blended learning and new personalized learning technologies through the use of Chromebooks and iPads in the classroom.

All students in grades K-6 will be receiving an Apple iPad with Retina Display, Wi-Fi, 16GB of memory, Griffin Survivor case and a charger. All students in grades 7-12 will be receiving a Acer Chromebook, 4GB of memory and a charger. Similar to textbooks, the device will be the property of Georgetown Exempted Village Schools and on loan to the students for their use in and out of school for educational purposes. These devices will come preloaded with some of the student’s textbooks and a variety of educational applications and extensions. As this is a new initiative, we do not have all the student’s textbooks available on the devices and we will be adding new apps and extensions as we learn about them. The devices do have cameras and video capability as well as the ability to access the internet when inside any of our school buildings - the devices do not have 3G/4G capability.

If you have questions related to the personalized learning project please contact our Superintendent, Christopher Burrows, at (937) 378-3730.