From the desk of Christopher J. Burrows

This is an exciting time in the Georgetown Exempted Village School District. We are doing extremely well financially while simultaneously upgrading facilities and adding opportunities for our 1,138 kids. Our enrollment is close to an all-time high as we have gained over 100 students in the past 6 years.

Our schools reflect the expectations of our stakeholders. Our community values set a standard far higher than any single test score. We measure academic success in many ways and carefully monitor our students level of preparation for life beyond our walls that is meaningful and connects them to the community, region, and globally.

We are on a journey as a district to understand what it means to educate the whole child and to make our teaching and learning relevant. Part of that journey is to become clearer about the goals we want for our learners. We share a commitment to develop the whole child--and that means going beyond our foundation of rigorous academics and rich opportunities for exploring the arts, careers, and other interests. We need to prepare students with the skills, resources, and mindsets necessary to face the challenges of a modern world--to be able to think, innovate, and relate to others. In short, we want them to walk out of our doors and be ready to solve the world’s greatest problems. To do that our children must possess the following skills and mindsets; being an effective communicator, a collaborator, a creative innovator, a critical thinker, and a problem solver who is empathetic, flexible, optimistic, persistent, and resilient.

Georgetown Schools has never settled for “good enough.” Our district is committed to becoming an educational institution where All Students Want to Learn, All People Want to Work and All Parents Want to Send their Children!”

To our parents, thank you for allowing us to educate your children!

To our taxpayers, thank you for your continued confidence and support!


If you have suggestions to make our schools even better please reach out to me at chris.burrows@gtown.k12.oh.us.