Personalized Learning Taskforce

Our vision consists of a future structure that nourishes the core of all learners and allows them to utilize their personal strengths and gifts. Technology, for learning, is visible throughout our district. Students and staff have opportunities for access to anytime, anywhere learning. They have opportunities everyday within the curriculum to learn using digital resources and tools. All Teachers integrate these in order to enhance student engagement, personalized learning and offer opportunities that would not otherwise exist.

"As a learner, I am responsible for my learning, I learn at my own pace, in the way that works for me, focusing on my own personal interests & experiences."


Personalized Learning is E.P.I.C. here at Georgetown Exempted Village Schools. We believe that opening doors to new opportunities for our students and staff will deepen knowledge and expertise; Strengthen student engagement and ownership; Optimize 21st Century skills of students and staff; and build a strong collaborative learning community.


This website is designed to serve as a one-stop-shop for teachers and students to quickly find resources and ideas on Personalizing their Learning.


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"The more hearts we have loving our youth, the more eyes we have watching and paying attention to them, the more arms we have embracing them and the more ears we have listening to them, the stronger our community will be."

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