Instructional Taskforce

Our vision consists of a future in which all students have the supports they need for success. Student achievement is our top priority. Exemplary student work is showcased throughout our buildings. Teachers plan lessons that are engaging and fun for all learners. They prioritize their teaching time based on the knowledge that 85% of all learners achieve the highest when they have the opportunity to complete tasks. In all our classrooms teachers follow the model of "I do, We do, You do!" When student work or behavior is unsatisfactory, they have an opportunity to relearn until the quality of work they produce is acceptable. Our staff always reaches out and works with those that may need more support and resources. We know collaboration between staff and community, teacher and parents, teacher and teacher, teacher and student, and student and student are key in our growth. We value this relationship because we know that student and parent satisfaction is what keeps our doors open.