District Profile

College Credits on Our Campus in 2016-2017: 992 semester hours

35-40% of our graduates get career tech certificate annually

Total of 559 college credits hours earned on our campus by the graduating class of 2017 over past 3 years in 8 subject areas

Students took college credit plus courses in two different ways:
17 college credit plus classes/54 semester hours with our teachers,
4 courses/12 semester hours online
*(we no longer offer AP credit)*

Grand total of 66 college semester hours available on our campus
Which is equivalent to approximately $28,050 (average tuition per credit hour in our region is $425) of savings to a family

Cohort of class of 2017:

  • Over 50% of seniors in our building graduated with at least 3 college credit hours
  • 19 students earned 15 hours or more (equivalent to a semester of college)
  • 7 students earned 27 college credits or more (equivalent to a year of college)
  • Top student earned 43 college credit hours never having to leave our campus

For the 2016-17 school year:

  • 124/273 (45%) high school students were involved in the CCP program on our campus
  • 17/35 (49%) juniors, 43/96 (45%) sophomores, and 36/92 (39%) of freshmen enrolled in at least one CCP course
  • 21 courses were available in all

Class of 2017 earned over $486,000 in scholarship money