40 Developmental Assets Taskforce

Our vision consists of a future that is filled with excitement, hope, aspirations & G-Men pride! When you walk into our buildings you can't tell the difference between our staff members and community volunteers helping students. Where adults are strong role models and leaders. Students, staff, and community feel a strong connection to our schools. There is a sense of family among teachers and parent, student and student, and student and staff. Every child in our district has an adult assigned to him or her for support, encouragement, and guidance. Students know what behavior and work ethic is expected of them the moment they arrive on our campus. Exemplary performance by students and staff are recognized and honored. Students take responsibility for their learning. Staff members meet regularly to discuss supports that ensure success for our learners. Mentoring and tutoring are available from internal and external stakeholders. Everyone believes that the pathway to a child's mind is through his or her heart. Only when students know we care, will they care, what we know. Mentoring takes place from community to student, staff to student, high school to middle school, middle school to elementary school, and peer to peer.